Mutilate A Doll 3

The most bloody and most violent torture game is back with new levels and new tools. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce the third edition of the legendary game - Mutilate A Doll 3. In the new version of the game you will be able to choose new tools and weapons from the game library, and even change the weather condition on the stage. Enjoy the full version of the Mutilate A Doll 3 right now at our website.

How To Play

Before you some advice how to play this game and enjoy it to the max, I would like to mention here, that the game is not about violence and torture, it is just about having some fun, making some experiments and watching some weird combinations. At the beginning of the game you can watch and read the tutorials about game rules and objects. As soon as you open the tutorial box, you realize that there are a lot of interesting things that you can do in this game - you can spawn objects, joint them, shoot them or do just whatever you want to have some fun. The game does not provide any achievements or levels - it is just to mix together objects and find out what will happen.


You can spawn different objects on the stage and make them work together. In order to spawn an object you should go to the objects list and click one of them. You can also drag and drop it on the stage wherever you want. You can also make your doll hold the object or use it to harm the poor ragdoll. You can also change the atmosphere and temperature to find out what will happen if the water start boiling or do some other experiments. The game is very interesting and the developers did an absolutely remarkeble job by adding all the tools and objects that you may spawn. Enjoy the game for free at our fan site.

How To Play

Use mouse to choose the item and it will appear on the screen. Drag and drop it using mouse or do whatever you want.

Your Mission

There are no rules and no aims in this game - it is made just to have fun.

Other Versions

The previous versions of the game are available on most gaming websites.